Public liability is not a legal requirement, is a core essential for any business large or small, ensuring your business and livelihood are sufficiently protected against possible eventualities.

With many years experience looking after the insurance requirements of many types of business, from sole traders and consultants up to maintenance teams with hundreds of staff, we have a full understanding of the different risks you may face.

Given that we live in a litigious society, in which people will not hesitate to sue, it is extremely vital you have adequate insurance in place to mitigate the risks and protect your business.

Public liability protects your legal liability while at work, covering you for any damages that a member of the public, client or contractor may be awarded as a result of injury, death or damage to them or their property caused by your business. It also provides cover for legal fees and other expenses associated with defending any claim.

We also recommend taking out product liability, as this covers the legal liability of your business against injury or damage arising from the design or manufacture of goods made, repaired, sold or supplied by you in the course of your business.