Your property is most vulnerable when it is not occupied on a daily basis and unfortunately, many insurers will refuse to cover it.

With many years experience in meeting the needs of residential and commercial property owners, including unoccupied properties, and with access to all the leading providers and specialist underwriters, we are able to arrange a policy with the appropriate insurance company to provide the necessary levels of cover.

Whether your unoccupied property is undergoing renovation or refurbishment, awaiting sale, awaiting tenants to move in, completion or probate; or left empty while the owner is abroad, hospitalised, taken into care or living in a second home, we can arrange tailored cover, ensuring the property is protected against all risks.

Policies can include a wide range of eventualities, including theft, malicious damage, water escape, subsidence, fire, flood, lightning and evicting squatters.

As property insurance is a complex matter, calling for many different level of insurance, depending on the type of property, size and risks involved, and with no two clients insurance requirements the same.